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34th District Court Case Lookup

The 34th District Court is located at 11131 Wayne Rd., Romulus, MI 48174, and it includes the following jurisdictions:

      City of Romulus
      Van Buren Township
      City of Belleville
      Huron Township
      Sumpter Township
      Detroit Metro Airport

If you have a criminal case or a traffic ticket in any of these jurisdictions, you can use the 34th District Court case lookup online to review the status of your case as well as payment information. Civil cases may also appear in your search. You can also filter your search results while performing a 34th District Court case lookup based upon the Case Status, whether the case is open or a pending case, if the case has been adjudicated, disposed or closed, and separate civil cases from criminal cases and traffic offenses. You can further refine your 34th District Court case lookup by date.

Search 34th District Court Cases

You can search the 34th District Court cases online but the court records online do not replace the official court records on file with the 34th District Court. Nonpublic cases are not accessible through the online search of cases, e.g. drug charges under 333.7411, criminal charges disposed under HYTA, etc. Neglect/Abuse cases are also not displayed.

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Felony charges that have been bound over from the 34th District Court in Romulus to the Wayne County Circuit Court in Detroit can be searched online for additional records by visiting the Third Circuit Court online case lookup.